VeronaBuilt upon the values of integrity, hard work, and reliability, David Metz is a home improvement business that takes immense pride in being one of the finest in the industry. One of life’s biggest challenges is to turn a property into a home and David Metz is committed to ensuring that all our clients are able to fulfill their lifelong goal of living in a house exactly as they had imagined. We value each client and care about your house as much as we care about ours- this allows us to build strong, healthy relationships with everyone we provide our services too.

I’m Verona Cullinan, and at David Metz you will hear everything I have to say about homes and interiors, gardens and garages and more. I have always been fond of houses with a lot of character and through David Metz I try to ensure that each house I work has a unique personality of it’s own. For home inspiration, suggestions and services, stay tuned to David Metz.