How and Where to Get Motivated Sellers

Let’s speak about post-it note details, the actual physical qualities of a post-it note. There are a couple of things I desire you to be aware of. Usually, they’re most likely to be 3×5 – that’s just what I’ll call a tiny size – or a 4×6, and also they can be landscape or picture. Want to learn more about how real estate investor and the property owner can help you buy investment properties, please go to our website¬†

You have them pre-printed. There are a variety of internet sites that you can go out to for that. We’ll get into this soon.

The Marketing Message

Typically you’re most likely to be wanting to do an advertising and marketing message with a number of bullet points concerning why they should do business with you. After that, you have your get in touch with information: site, e-mail, phone number, and a demand to call or email you.

You normally possibly do someplace in the variety of 20,000 to 30,000, perhaps even 50,000 of these to purchase at once. You obtain some prices advantages of getting larger quantities.

They’re most likely to cost you around $0.03 a post-it note if you purchase rather huge quantities. If you acquire rather small quantities it might be $0.07 or $0.08 per post-it note printed with your custom message on there.

If you could manage to order 20,000 to 40,000 each time – also if you do not deliver them all today – there are some expense benefits to doing that.

They generally can be found in pads of 25, 50 or 100 per pad. They will certainly not normally have the cellophane wrapper around them. They’ll come in a large box.

Pre-Printed Notes

The means you get these is you go out to Google and you type in pre-printed post-it notes and several thousand people will turn up. These are becoming more prominent, so there are a lot of people that allow you to go into their site as well as you can submit your message, evidence it as well as all that.

There is a firm that I’ve used before and called The Discount Printer. There’s an internet site there and also they are extremely acquainted with this real estate investments. They collaborate with Richard Roop, that is the initial individual that made post-it notes.

He’s the first individual I’m mindful of that was doing this. The Discount Printer still deals with Richard in terms of doing that. He’s got a number of themes that are already Richard Roop style. You could also merely go with among those. They’re excellent messages.

You would undoubtedly transform your contact number e-mail. Apart from that, you would not need to alter too much. After that, you can buy them from The Discount Printer.


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